Branded Customer Experience: CEO Perspective

Customer experience management has become one of the hottest topics in recent years. More specifically the topic of how customer experience can differentiate an organization in the marketplace and give an unfair advantage over its competitors has become a central theme in modern business.

What makes branded customer experience special from other varieties of CX? The answer to this question lies in the outcomes it provides an organization. When we read about CX we often come across how companies have improved their customers’ experiences by doing A, B, or C. We often read about CX in terms of single initiatives or changes in a department. We also tend to read about CX in terms of metrics such as Net Promotor Score (NPS), Voice of the Customer (VoC) and other systems for capturing and measuring how customers rate the level of services delivered. While it’s great to read the stories of companies improving their customer experiences there is a fundamental flaw in their strategy. When you take a closer look at these organizations you find their initiatives are primarily tactical in nature. Even worse, when you take a closer look at their financials you cannot correlate their efforts with any measurable or sustainable positive difference in their bottom-line. In many cases the expenditure made in CX programs doesn’t lead to any positive Return on Investment (ROI). The difference with branded CX is that, if executed properly, it will lead to long-term profits and increased customer loyalty. The only problem with branded CX is that it’s not easy to implement. Until now!

I have spent the past 18 years as CEO growing business services companies using CX strategies. At the time of doing this CX was not a hot topic as it is today. However, I recently began reviewing my strategies and specifically the ones that led to bottom-line profits. These strategies led me to write a book on the subject: Experience My Brand: How Successful Compacover_final_reduced8nies Develop Loyal Customers and Increase Profits. I wrote this book to give business readers a CEO’s perspective into branded customer experience by providing a staged process for creating a branded customer experience with a particular focus around having a solid financial case to ensure your CEO can champion the program.
The book is not only based on my experiences as CEO but also on research of major companies and how they have used it to strategically position themselves ahead of the competition and have achieved sustainable growing profits and increased customer loyalty.

The book is comprehensive and provides over 300 pages of strategies and insights on how to achieve a branded CX. The book will be released in the US and online through Amazon in early 2017. To register your interest please visit .

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